Assorted 24 Count Gift Box

All of our favorites brought together in one sweet lovers delight! You get Cherry Cordials, Huckleberry Cordials, Raspberry Cordials, Peanut Butter Mudslides, Blueberry Blondies, Peanut Cluster Bars, Mallo-Nut Bars and Yellowstone Moose Bars.

Please submit order now by calling us at (208)522-8215 or send a letter to 250 South Blvd., Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Thank You

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Online Price                     $19.00 per box
$12.00 shipping and handling per box.
(Add $6.00 for each additional box.)


Only Available for Local Pickup during summer months

call 208-522-8215 for details

Farr Candy Company